In today's fast-changing environment, innovation is critical to your company's success. Most people think that innovation is about a future product or service that no one has thought of yet. Our research shows that pioneer-type innovation is only 4% of the innovation that occurs.

  • Are you using the other 96% of innovation potential in your current organization?
  • Do you know what it takes to be innovative?
  • Does your team or organizational culture leverage the innovation traits and talents of your employees?

Dr. Jamara was asked by her clients to help them have fact-based and intelligent discussions about the types of innovation and how best to leverage it across the organization. She developed a unique and validated assessment series that brings awareness and specific development tools to enhance your individual and organizational innovation capabilities.

"Sally is a true trusted advisor. She was integral in helping me build an effective executive team that had always operated autonomously before. We worked to select and develop the executives and team. We pulled together, despite coming from many different cultures, to get phenomenal business results. My teams are now being tapped to provide key talent for the rest of the company."

M. Lopez
CEO Latin America
Assurant Solutions

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