Business Modeling and Process Design

In the context of building organization capability and improving execution, too often companies are too quick to jump to execution before assessing the basic engine or business model that is in operation. Traversa helps companies reassess the foundation underpinnings of the business to confirm, innovate or adjust the business structure to better address large scale change and growth. We help our clients design the appropriate tailored company model to be positioned for agility and growth. Traversa uses the latest advanced industry models from a variety of sources and provides Business Modeling services to design the target model and supportive organization structure and processes. We lead creative workshops to bring together the greatest thinking and innovative talent to create the business model for the future. A revised or new business model also needs a supporting process architecture and set of processes designed to mobilize all resources. Traversa has cross-industry expertise and proven methods and Process Design services to create the most effective processes to streamline and modernize the business.