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Our Professionals

Dr. Sally Jamara

Dr. Jamara works with executives as a trusted advisor to align their teams to support the efficient and effective delivery of their corporate strategy. She provides the road map to make executive development and organization change successful for both the organization and the individual.

After listening to clients' need to build a culture for innovation, Dr. Jamara developed and validated a unique assessment series that focuses on bringing awareness and specific development tools for innovation to individuals, teams and organizations.

Dr. Jamara has been consulting with companies across many industries for over 11 years. Previously, she was Senior Vice President of America's Human Resources for Bass Hotels & Resorts, Inc. In addition to her significant Human Resources experience, she has been Vice President of Customer Service and Sales, managing the P&L and over­seeing client development. She has been the recipient of numerous executive leadership awards including: Executive Committee Award, Outstanding Teamwork Award and multiple Top Performer Awards.

Dr. Jamara obtained her masters and doctorate degrees in organiza­tional psychology from Professional School of Psychology in Sacramento, CA. Her B.A. is in Economics from Simmons College in Boston, MA.

Dr. Jamara is an avid reader, active in four book clubs. She enjoys biking, Broadway shows, the Symphony, attending sporting events, rescuing animals, cooking and many other fun activities. She is on a few community boards and committ